About us

Here at SMOKE FACTORY our main focus is on one thing!

Happy People.

SMOKE FACTORY was formed around the young influencing market created by XS Promotions to maximise exposure within the automotive industry and create a brand such as the Supadrift Series to bring anyone and everyone together to witness the action packed drift motorsport in the world. XS Drift has taken this sport and started expanding the reach of it by teaching new people how to drift and experience the thrill of going sideways with you in the driver seat at a Drift Course or in the passenger seat for a Drift Experience. SMOKE FACTORY completed the circle to help you achieve your dream and wear the gear; use the products and create the ultimate lifestyle. Whether it is to customise your vehicle, attempt a build project or build your Drift Car we have the full solution under one roof.

Now that we have the foundation, SMOKE FACTORY is your one stop Shop for SMOKE FACTORY merch, Motul performance products and apparel, Supadrift Series apparel, Drift courses, Drift experiences and many more.


So buckle up, put your head between your legs and kiss .... nevermind. Just enjoy the ride!